Island Living

6 of the Best Islands to Live On

Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland
Aran Islands
Why live here: A life surrounded by nature and breathtaking scenery. Dramatic views, rugged landscape, windswept cliffs, rich culture, tranquil surroundings, and a laid back way of life.

Kauai, Hawaii
Why live here. Natural scenery, fresh and delicious foods, not heavily populated

Koh Samui, Thailand
Koh Samui
Why live here: Beautiful beaches, picturesque fishing villages, awe-inspiring Buddhist temples, and all the tropical trappings that make it an idyllic place to live on

Roatan, Honduras
Why live here: A mix of popular tourist attractions and hidden, underdeveloped places, stunning natural scenery, fairly affordable cost of living, laid back

Maui, Hawaii
Why live here: Culture, nature, and a simpler way of life; excellent place for families to raise children

Phuket, Thailand
Why live here: Well-developed tourist attractions, a good number of international schools, access to products that remind foreigners of home, fairly affordable cost of living