Skills You Need To Have When Island Living


Island living can be pretty exciting. Just imagine lying down on the sand, enjoying the warm sun, listening to calming waves, or swimming to your heart’s content.

However, island living is more than just cozying on the seashore. It’s more than just getting sun-kissed, as well as doing other fun activities under the sun.

Moreover, there are skills you need to have when island living.

Here are some of them:


There’s a reason why schools necessitate us in joining Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts – and that is, for us to survive in any kind of unexpected circumstances we might find ourselves in. These unexpected circumstances include getting lost in a deep forest or being stranded in a remote island. On a brighter note, survival also goes for changes in lifestyle – which includes living in a private island on the Atlantic Ocean.


Aside from survival, you also need to know at least the basics of woodworking. This includes gathering firewood and making weapons like knives and spears. I know, you’re already thinking about Katniss’ predicament in the first Hunger Games. But you know what? Knowing how to gather firewood will keep you warm from cold nights. Knowing how to make weapons like knives and spears, even of these are made from wood, will keep you safe from predators.


Island living is not like when you’re in a beach resort or in a camping ground. Island living sometimes require you to be more aware of your surroundings. For one, you might find yourself trapped in a deepwater cave or stuck in an underground tunnel. Either way, you need to know how to breathe long and deep. This is for you to keep yourself oxygenated enough to get out of dangerous predicaments like these.


What if something needs to be repaired in your island house, but no one’s available to do it until after 2 months? So daunting, right? When island living, make sure that you know the basics of repairing. This is for you to lessen the burden of finding someone to repair what needs to be repaired. Even more so, it’s not like when you have air compressors (like those in to help you with repairing. In other words, you only have one person to depend on.

And that person is…none other than yourself.

Do you know any other skills you need to have when island living? Share them with us on the comments section below!

What To Bring On Island Camping Events


It could be a family getaway event or a team building event. It could also be your friend’s birthday celebration or your own wedding anniversary. Regardless, island camping events has its fair share of things to bring and things to do to completely experience the place’s wonders.

That being said, here’s what to bring on island camping events:

Tents & Sleeping Bags

Just like camping in forests or in mountains, one should bring a tent and a sleeping bag when going on island camping events. This is for you to completely experience the island’s beauty – along with its calming waves at dusk, its bright stars at night, and its stunning views at dawn. This is also for you to completely experience what it’s like to have a minimalist lifestyle, with only a sleeping bag as your friend in cold temperatures. One great sleeping bag for this very purpose is an ECWS sleeping bag, which protects your body from getting wet due to heavy rain or crashing waves. What’s more, it’s good to use all-year round – even when the heat is on during summer.

Clothes & Survival Tools

When going on island camping events, you should bring clothes that are both great for warm and cold temperatures and shoes that are both great for hiking and walking purposes. You should also bring survival tools such as Swiss army knives and boxes of matches. This is for you to survive from any kind of unexpected circumstances like getting stranded for days in a remote part of the island. This is also for you to help other people to survive from any kind of unexpected circumstances like getting lost for hours in a cave of a nearby trail. Indeed, all those things you’ve learned in Boy Scouts and in Girl Scouts will finally be used – as far as island camping events are concerned.