Log Splitting and Traveling

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Just like log splitting, traveling also has its perks for us. In fact, they have four similar advantages—benefits we never thought would help see the resemblance of these two activities.

Let’s check those perks out.

They sharpen the mind

manual log splitterWhat’s great about traveling is that whether you’re traveling using a car, a boat, a train, or an airplane, you’ll be able to see the activity as a mental workout. Traveling challenges one’s observational and familiarization skills. It sets you free from the world you’re used to and tests your ability to think fast in a given situation. Traveling sharpens the mind by requiring you to be resourceful and alert. It can also improve your ability to make sound decisions and solve problems. Log splitting is also a challenging mental exercise—it enables you to train your mind when it comes to memorizing all the safety procedures. Plus, it requires you to concentrate 100% or else you might be splitting something else other than logs!

They make you more creative

Log splitting enables you to create various stuff from the logs you’ve collected. It inspires you to build different objects that are unique. Traveling also allows you to explore new activities, try new delicacies, and create memories with newly found friends. These two events can fire up the creative side in you, make you more independent, and boost your self-esteem.

They strengthen the body

Log splitterTaking a trip to another town or country will make you want to roam around, explore placed by foot, run from place to place, and do numerous physical activities. You’ve got to try all the things that place boasts about, right? All the walking, jogging, hiking, swimming and other activities will help strengthen your immune system and give you strong muscles. Log splitting also improves your physical health by requiring you to carry logs and transfer them from place to place. Moving and lifting logs can help tone those muscles of yours and improve your bone health.

They relieve stress

cheering woman hiker open arms at mountain peak cliff

Both log splitting and traveling eliminate the stress hormone cortisol, allowing other feel-good hormones to take over your body instead. These two may challenge the mind and body, but they sure are two fulfilling tasks that enable you to feel better after. There’s a reason why these two are recommended for patients who suffer from mental illnesses, and it’s probably because of their ability to challenge and renew the mind at the same time.